Loris Marazzi, artist and sculptor of modern art in venice - in wood, marble and bronze
Loris Marazzi, artist and sculptor of modern art in venice - in wood, marble and bronze home wood artworks by Loris projects read about Loris and watch him carving wood in his studio in Campo Santa Margherita, Venice order or ask information about his artworks

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Shirt in wood
Shirt in wood
Jeans in wood
Plush in wood
Raincoat in wood
Coat in wood
Shirt with hanger
Crazy Jacket in wood
This sculpture was my first art work, I was only 15 years when I made it
T - Shirt in wood
Bra in wood
Sock in wood
Painties in wood
Casual jacket
Boxer Short in wood
My art works around the world
Boxer short
my artworks around the world


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Open Book in wood

painting in wood
My Mind - My Force in wood
My Life - My Force in wood
Balance in wood
The huge man comes out of this block and his strength is expressed by the powerful hand that lies softly covering his face.But despite appearing so big and strong he hides a "Great Solitude"
Open book
My Mind - My Force
My Life - My Force




Umbrella in wood
For a Winter in wood
For a Walk in wood
For Hard Man in wood
Nice Slippers in wood
Boots in wood
For a winter
For a walk
For hard man
Nice slippers
Travel Bag in wood
Doctor's Bag in wood
Beret in wood
Hat in wood
Baseball Hat in wood
Scarf in wood
Travel bag
Doctor's bag
Baseball hat
Tie in wood
Bow Tie in wood
Bow tie


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Tablecloth in wood
 Table Book in wood
Rope in wood
Cushion Bar in wood
Work and Project in wood
Jewel Box in wood
Cushion Bar
Work and project
Jewel Box
Mirror in wood
Books in wood Bar furniture in wood


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Bar furniture



Loris Marazzi is the talented italian artist who sculpts the sexy underwear in wood such as a bra, pair of panties and socks
If you are passing through in  front of the Peggy Guggenheim Museum 369 Dorsoduro you could see him through the glasses of his gallery among chips, shavings and tools sculpting from a piece of wood a boxer short, a t-shirt, or maybe one of the soft items from his clothes line in wood like a jacket, a raincoat, a shirt with hanger or probably a travel bag.

You will delight with the italian fine art at the small gallery of this renowned venetian artist. The softness and perfection Marazzi gives to every wooden sculpture are uniques. The posters of his artworks areon every wall around the city so you can easily look for directions and
visit his gallery for sure you won`t regeret it!


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